2 Word Song Titles

Happy Tuesday, Beach Music Friends! Let’s Build a list today. Can you name your favorite Beach Music Songs that only have 2 words in the title? I will pull what I find on various posts and see how many you know. Before you say some of these songs are not beach music, I am gonna … Read more

Great Lines – Beach Music Lyrics


Is Rod Stewart Beach Music?

I love that line in Rod Stewart’s Song “Sexual Religion”…the Power of a Woman and the Weakness of a Man. I remember DJ David Harris ( Hey Boy! to many of you) telling me about this song before it started ranking on the beach music charts.. YES! Beach Music Charts. It is not the first time Rod Stewart has made the beach music playlists of DJs, beach music clubs and radio stations ( both online and terrestrial). I can think of other Stewart songs being played in the past.. well still being played. Is Rod Stewart Beach Music?

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