The Luminas

Be on the lookout for the Luminas! Andy King, who used to be with the Catalinas, has just started a new band. Most of you have probably seen Andy perfom, but if you have missed him, let me tell you that you have missed out. Andy is a monster on the keyboard, is incredible on … Read more

It's Friday!

Do you realize we are only 57 days from TBMF8? Tickets go on sale Monday at Your chance to save $8 off the Gate Ticket price. This is for a limited time only, the tickets will go up as we get closer to the festival. Remember the gate price will be $30 Cash, get … Read more

Welcome to my new blog

I used to have a blog…It crashed. I have been slow to get it going again. It is the easiest way to get info out to the masses on a regular basis. Some people either do not get my email updates or do not read them every time I send them out. That being said … Read more