Can you say Pork Chop?

If you were in Raleigh at the Longbranch last night to see the Shakers…you got a treat. Big John, Soul Dog and Joel Thompson were serving up some pork chops to the crowd that showed up early enough to eat. MMMM…MMMM

ACC Tournament

Okay,here is your chance, post your predictions and taunts if you must, add your comments. I am already catching it on emails not even 5 minutes after my BMO update went out. Who do you think will win?

Tickets! Tickets! Tickets

Tickets just went on sale today for TBMF. Also the first weekly TBMF ticket winner was annnounced. Kim J. of Smithfield won a free ticket. Congrats Kim! You may be asking how did she win? Well, she was on my list for Triangle Beach Music Festival Email Updates. That’s how! Are you signed up? … Read more

Can both lose?

Away from the Beach Music thing today….I can not believe my Wolfpack lost to the last place team in the league….nice preparation for the biggest weekend in the ACC next week. Oh well….getting ready to watch the superpowers of the ACC battle it out tonight. I wish they would both lose….Go Refs!

The Luminas

Be on the lookout for the Luminas! Andy King, who used to be with the Catalinas, has just started a new band. Most of you have probably seen Andy perfom, but if you have missed him, let me tell you that you have missed out. Andy is a monster on the keyboard, is incredible on … Read more

It's Friday!

Do you realize we are only 57 days from TBMF8? Tickets go on sale Monday at Your chance to save $8 off the Gate Ticket price. This is for a limited time only, the tickets will go up as we get closer to the festival. Remember the gate price will be $30 Cash, get … Read more

Welcome to my new blog

I used to have a blog…It crashed. I have been slow to get it going again. It is the easiest way to get info out to the masses on a regular basis. Some people either do not get my email updates or do not read them every time I send them out. That being said … Read more