List of Shag Moves and Steps

It was SOS Spring Safari the week I first posted this 3 years ago.

I was thinking.. how many moves or steps are there? It is probably impossible to have a complete list.  How many are made up by only a few people? How many are well known?

I figured I would start a list and see what people think is missing…Please use the comment form here at the bottom of the page.

Everyone that calls themselves a shagger… knows these 4 shag moves

  • Basic
  • Female Turn
  • Male Turn
  • Pivot

Other Moves Picked up in Comments and Replies ( list under construction, please help)


Alias Half Turn Hitch
Alley Roll Kiss Me or Tuck
Ankle Roll Male Off the Hip
Apple Jack Milton
Back Lean Mountain Boogie
Behind the Back Outside Sweep
Belly Roll Outside Tuck Turns
Belly Roll Slide Pause Walk Up
Boogie Train Pitter Pat
Boogie Walk Pretzel
Camel Pull Through Combination
Caroline Push Belly
Change My Mind Reverse Basic
Charlie Reverse Belly Roll
Chase Reverse Sailor Shuffle
Choke Revolving Door
Cuddle Romeo
Dig Rotate Together
Doo Dah Sailor Shuffle
Double Back Double Boogie Shorty George
Double Hook Side by Side
Double Lean Side Walk
Double Pam Skip Pivot
Drape Slow DoDas
Dream Start Step
Duck Walk Stop Sign
Elvis Drop Stutter Step
Female Double Kick Sugar Foot Cha-Cha
Female Sailor Basic Sugarfoot
Five Kick Turn Trip Reverse Start-Up
Fly Back Triple Hook
Follow Me Tuck Out
Forward Sailor Shuffle Walk Back
Front and Back Boogie Womble
Grant You Go
Hesitation Stutter

Please add to the list.. Try not to duplicate any that are already posted in the comments.

What are your favorites? What is currently missing from the list of Well Known Steps and Shag Moves?


6 thoughts on “List of Shag Moves and Steps”

  1. My wife Judy and I created a step called THE ZIGGY. We dance at a club on St Simons Island Ga with the same name and wanted to honor the owner Keenan Carter (Ziggy) when we made it up. Golden Isles Shag Club. We have taught it to the South Strand Shag Club in Murrell’s Inlet SC when I DJ’d there last year.

  2. We are just getting into shag dancing. The list of dance steps is great, but, an explanation of how each step would be even better than just a list. Thank you.


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