Top 20 Beach Music Bands

Based on stats ending May 31st, 2024, here is the top 20 Beach Music Artists clicked on at

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In Summary….

With my website, Beach Music Online, I have been sending Internet traffic to beach music artist websites from the beach music artist and band schedule page for over 18 years. This list below is simply a ranking based on the activity of the thousands of beach music fans that visit this bmo website and schedule webpage.

If your favorite artist is not listed on the beach music online band schedule page, please use the comments from below and tell me who is missing. I will add them once I get permission from the artist to link to their schedule. ( Requirement, they must have a website schedule page and it has to be somewhat updated. If they are still showing their next event as Peanut Cluster Festival of 2008, they may not be approved to be added to the list).

Top Beach Music Artists*

1 Band of Oz
2 Jim Quick & Coastline
3 The Entertainers
4 The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
5 The Catalinas
6 Cat5
7 too MUCH SyLviA
8 Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
9 Blackwater Band
10 North Tower Band
11 The Castaways
12 Chairmen of the Board featuring Ken Knox
13 Holiday Band
14 The Tams
15 The Tonez
16 Special Occasion Band
17 East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band
18 Part Time Party Time Band
19 Pink Slips Band
20 Main Event Band


*Ranking based on Website Clicks from during the month of May 2024.  #1 represents the highest number of clicks to the band’s website. #20 represents the last band reported for this period.

36 thoughts on “Top 20 Beach Music Bands”

  1. I’m a keyboard player with two good ears. My favorite Top 10 Beach Bands:
    1. Band of Oz
    2. The Embers
    3. The Entertainers
    4. The Catalinas
    5. Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
    6. North Tower
    7. Blackwater
    8. The Tonez
    9. Cat 5 Band
    10. Too Much Sylvia – add some brass, move up 3-4 spots

  2. Ive been playing music for 50 years and iam telling everyone that The band Cat5 is one of the BEST live bands ive heard in a really long time and ive heard alot of them,i mean every one of those guys including there sound guys are top notch players, singers and engineers, So if you have never heard these guys live then your really missing out,Now dont get me wrong all these bands out today are all very good entertainers..

  3. Bo,
    Appreciate all you do to keep us shaggers who live outside the Carolinas informed. Hard to find beach music in Florida although a friend of mine wants to get a group together to raise money to bring one of the top bands to SW FLORIDA this fall.
    Love the Chairmen, Catalinas and BOZ (although I agree they are playing many of their songs a beat too fast).

  4. I like this list a lot…are the Chairmen still active? I have a hard time finding them performing very often. Love Oz (wish they would slow down a couple of songs)…Love Catalinas too and look forward to seeing them in NMB this weekend

  5. I think older bands should be listed. Even though some have passed way, they should not br forgotten, or their music rarely played. It is a good thing to honor those that used go be number 1, and not forget them, or not play their music because they passed away, or are no longer playing music. They are and were the best when they played, and many fans still long to hear their music!


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