Top 100 Beach Music Songs

The list started with the top 100 beach music songs based on listener submissions to the radio station. The Top 100 Songs were played in order from #100 to #1 on 94.9 The Surf in North Myrtle Beach, SC on Memorial Day by the LIVE DJs. The ranking listed here may be slightly different than the original list. Feel free to add likes and emojis to the songs you like. The rankings shown here may not reflect what was played during the original broadcast.

2 thoughts on “Top 100 Beach Music Songs”

  1. I have to sat that I have always enjoyed beach music I learned to shag @ the Gator disco in Lakeview back around 78-79!! i used to love to go to the Spanish galleon and crazy Zacks for 1 dollar picture of beer!!! now those were the days!!! radio station WMNB north myrtle beach with Billy Smith!! (RIP) Your station is the absolutely the best hands down!!! I work EMS in Dillon county we have it on 94.9 the surf while we are trying to be like your station!! making a difference and trying to make people feel better!!! thank you for all you do, you make a difference in a bad day and make it much more tolerable!!


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