What a Day at TBMF!

Did you miss the Party of the year for Beach Music? Last SAaturday in Garner, NC the biggest TBMF of them all was held at Bryan Farm. It was awesome! The Weather was great! The beverages were cold and a lot of people showed up early and stayed all day.. We will be putting up … Read more

The Beach….

I am so jealous..I had too much to do to go to the beach this weekend.With the beautiful weather outside it sure would be nice to be kickin back with a cold one on the Carolina Coast today. I really wish I was in Myrtle Beach to catch Coastline at 2001…(Co-Host for the Beach Music … Read more

Bid for the Kids

Jim Quick is selling a special limited edition CD for the benefit of Easter Seals This is truly a rare release from Coastline. This is one of only two from Jim Quick’s personal collection. The jewel case is signed by the members of the band. There is the 4min 59sec track, which is heard on … Read more

Hit Song Contest

Show others your knowledge! Give me 3 hit songs recorded and performed by any of the 5 bands scheduled to play at the 8th Annual TBMF. I hope you know which bands are playing but in case you are not aware of the details of the biggest 1 day party event in the Carolinas for … Read more

Crashed the Photo Gallery

Well sometimes you get stuck..I was doing some upgrades to my gallery software and ended up crashing it…I had to reinstall, lost the comments/users/view counts…Oh Well. I think I have most pics uploaded from BOTC Cruise in January 2006. Will work on getting the rest of the page to look right.

Happy Monday!

What happened to the nice weather? It was cold this weekend. I am ready for the sun! Its time for some fun in the sun, lots of stuff coming up soon. Well it was not sunny, but I had a great time this weekend hanging out with the Band of Oz. Thursday Night at the … Read more