Happy Monday Everyone!

Well if you missed the show last Thursday night with Coastline at Rayz Deck Party, you missed a good one. Jim Quick put on a good show as always…and did it without the brown stuff. At least I did not see him sneak any. Big John Ruth was in the house. Jim survived another Birthday Party. How many parties did you have last week Quick? Pics are on the website

I wished I could have been at the beach this weekend. My firends from Raleigh, Ray and Joni were down at Myrtle. All of you who know Ray, know what he was doing…chasing golf balls..Joni got to spend time with the grandbaby…Check out these pics from The Blue Crab Festival. I think Joni’s granddaughter had a good time.I hear Jim tired her out and she fell asleep before Jim was finished.

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