Special Offer from Bo the Webguy

First of all I want to say thank you to all that have helped me succeed through many of my ventures on the web. I owe quite a bit of gratitude to Keith Houston with KHP Music and Band of Oz as well as Jim Quick. I got started in the beach industry about 8-9 years ago with some work I did for Jim. The amount of sites and people that I work with in this industry has grown.

Keith and I together started the Southern Soul Network and have been promoting my BuyBeachMusic.com store thru SouthernSoul.com and many of the band and events sites that I maintain.

Recently, I teamed up with TicketToTheTown.com to offer a discount card similar to a coupon book…with no coupons. Everything is added to a recyclable plastic card and what’s even better is the card has these discounts available every day…not just once. When new discounts are added to the card in the next few weeks, you automatically have those discounts loaded to your card.

Post modified on 11/30/2010

Use the form below to purchase card for $49.95…or you can go to BuyBeachMusic.com and add the $49.95 card to any CD order and save $30 off your total order.