Nomination Ballots – CBMA


I received my nomination ballot in the mail. I am honored to be part of the CBMA and get a chance to nominate who I think deserves to be recognized for what they have done this past year in the Beach Music Industry. There is always questions about who is eligible and who is not. There are a lot of songs that are eligible that you may not know about. I put the opportunity out there for artists and fans to suggest songs and albums for consideration. I have an extensive amount of emails that were notified about the form link posted on Shag City and Beach Music Online. This was a great opportunity to get the word out. I did not receive a lot of submissions. You can see what I got listed here on CBMA Considerations. The posting of these songs and albums are not a validation by myself that they are eligible. There is a committee that judges nominations based on the rules. I am just relaying information the best that I can. Good Luck to everyone!

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Do you support Beach Music?

Are you a fan of Carolina Beach Music? I am not talking about facebook friends and likes on this blog post. I am asking if you support the bands, the clubs, the promoters and events. The term beach music has a lot of people confused that have never experienced what we as fans have followed here in the Carolinas for years. Some of us have been fans of this type of music much longer than others. Its origin has about as many different views as the Shag Dance.

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2011 CBMA Weekend

Hayes Jewelers presents the 2011 Carolina Beach Music Awards November 9th-13th, 2011 Its one of the biggest weekends of the year in Beach Music. More will be posted soon. Join the CBMA Today! Hayes Jewelers “King of Diamonds” Lexington, NC Present the 2011 Carolina Beach Music Awards Weekend *** Tentative Lineup – Artist, Locations & … Read more