Beach Music Online and Webguy Support

Big Shout Out – These people make it happen!

Beach Music Online would not be here if it weren’t for these people
I am grateful for the support you have given me over the years!

Bo the Webguy Support

Thanks to all those that support my efforts at Beach Music Online
Keith Houston – My top supporter over the last few years – Keith is the best!

Beth Setzer and TG Rich – Being involved with the TBMF and other events put on by Beth and TG have been awesome. Its always a pleasure to work with T&R Baxstage, the folks that bring the biggest baddest Beach Music Festival every year to that cow pasture in Garner, NC

Brian Crews – Thanks for the support. I have enjoyed working with you on the cruises and Flem Whitt Festival

Butch Halpin – Butch Halpin is one of the GOOD Guys. Thanks Butch for what you do and for the support you have given me.

Don Bunn – Don, one of the things I miss about Raleigh the most is being able to be in your shag classes. Thanks for the support you have given me and continue to give me.

Jim Quick – Jim Quick got me into this beach music scene..sometimes I wonder was that good or bad. I have had a great time and thank Jim for all that he has done

Peter Carpenter and the CBMA – Being involved with the CBMA has been the best! Thank you Peter and the rest of the Carpenter family for putting this on and supporting Bo the Webguy

Ray and Joni – Thanks Ray and Joni for all the support you have given. I love you guys! Hope to see you soon at TJs Night Life

Thurston and Linda – You guys always support the bands and Bo the Webguy – Thanks!

I, BotheWebguy, thank you for visiting and continuing to visit this website and supporting the bands and clubs and events.

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