2 thoughts on “2010 Flem Whitt Fest”

  1. I will be there with bells on:) & of course my water bottle filled with COLD WATER spraying everyone that welcomes it as I have in the past several years.
    Let's see how many people we can get to bring water bottles filled with COLD WATER to help keep everyone COOL:)
    It is so so sooooooo HOT in August that this is a welcome delight:)
    Have a BLESSED DAY & remember to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS,
    Scarlett O'Hara, wife of CMSgt Ray Eanes

  2. I will be there as usual with my spray bottle of cold water. Let's see how many people can bring a spray bottle & join the fun, helping keep people kooled off!
    See ya there:)
    Have a blessed day:)


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