Back from Key West


Back from Key West

Thank you Jim and Crystal Quick for a great trip. Conched out in the Keys 2 was a big success and a very fun trip for everyone this year. Some big news was announced for a very big event in January 2016 – Stay Tuned for that one…. You will not want to miss it! With everyone getting back, you will be asking about the pictures. With the help of Boom Boom Quick, I have posted pictures on the web at Shag City USA – see Galleries #2 thru #7 posted on the Shag City USA Photos

Key West Gallery #1 was posted on Coastline Crazies website.

Happy Birthday Josh Brown

He made it back. I know quite a few people were concerned that he might not survive the week. He did. I know he was tempted to take a job down there and stay.. but he did come back with us and you will catch him slinging drinks at Deckerz this week. HE NEEDS BIG TIPS. We all left quite a bit of money down there in Key West. Josh may be doing a little celebrating of his birthday.. Tell him Happy Birthday when you see him!

Big Fish Shtick

The Bus Trip from North Myrtle Beach to the Big Fish Shtick is ON – The bus will fill up so get your spot on the bus today. If you don’t want to ride the bus, you can get advanced tickets and save $5 at the website.

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