Happy Labor Day Friends!


It is Labor Day 2015. Thanks to all those out there that work to make this country great! It is a Holiday, a day off from work for many out there. For many in the service industry, people are still at work to make it fun for others to celebrate this day.

Today, is the last day of that ocean front bar, known as Harold’s on the Ocean (HOTO’s), will be open. How fitting that Jim Quick & Coastline will play the last show. Some of the biggest and craziest shows ever have been when Jim Quick & Coastline have played the deck… The deck built by the Fat Man! It will be a big crowd and big time! Hopefully the weather cooperates and thunderstorms don’t ruin the show.

Here is a post on facebook where some have started leaving their commnets about the last day at HOTOs’

Due to the unforeseen future of HOTO's. No matter what you're doing, come join us tomorrow there on Labor Day Monday at 1pm for our last scheduled performance!

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