Happy Saturday from NMB


Its Saturday at the beach for me and its not raining… yet. The weather report has been warning of rain. We are 2/3 through with July. I can’t believe how fast this summer is going. Saturday is Angela’s biggest day, so I am usually at the office with her in the afternoon. I was working on several projects and noticed that this Beach Music Online site needed a updated post…so here you go!

back-in-day-cafe I was excited to hear that Sea Cruz made the number 1 song on Ted Bell’s countdown at the Surf this week! “Hey Eugene” by Sea Cruz is of course available on the KHP Music Compilation Back in the Day Cafe. There are so many great songs on this CD including the title track by Andre Lee. If you haven’t purchased it yet! Get over to BuyBeachMusic.com and order your copy!

If you have been following me on facebook and my email updates… you will know that the Fantastic Shakers are celebrating 35 years.. of being the Shakers! Lots of chances to celebrate and lots of stuff comin at ya; 3-CD Set featuring some old stuff and new stuff, a Book, T-Shirts and at least 14 special events are all part of what you get as a sponsor of the 35th Anniversary Party – see more at Shakers35.com


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