How big is beach music?


What do you think?

How many people out there call themselves fans of beach music? I am talking about what we call “beach music”.. you know it when you hear it right? I have heard all kinds of definitions. I see how associations like SOS and the CBMA attract memberships. The number of people that attend their events are probably much more than their membership rosters. Not everyone is on facebook, but here are some things to look at…..

Judging from facebook…

Band of Oz has over 20k likes

Jim Quick& Coastline has over 14k Likes

Fat Harold’s Beach Club has over 11k likes

Beach Music Online just hit 6300 likes

The fans and likes are growing here….

Blackwater Rhythm and Blues

Midnight Allie

Carolina Breakers

I think it is BIG!

I have been told there are a lot less than I think and the segment is pretty small. What do you think?

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  1. If it weren’t for Oldies KSX 92.7FM in Johnston, SC there wouldn’t be any beach music in Augusta, GA. Thank you, Frank Davis and TonyB!

    We raised our children on beach, Motown and doowop, in that order.

    It will stand!


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