15 thoughts on “Jim Quick Video Update for June 14th”

  1. Love the video updates! We will see you at Elmwood Park Thursday. Nancy Crews will be with us to celebrate her sister (my mom), Hattie’s, 88th birthday and grandson (my son) Gavin’s, 35th birthday. We would love it if you would announce their birthdays. I will write this down and give to “Cousin” Brian! Thank you, Jim!


  2. My husband & i will be at boom booms on the 19th .WOW CANT WAIT!!!! WILL BE THERE FOR PAPA DAY PARTIAN WITH YOUR FAV BAND . YEPPER !!!

  3. Hi-Larious! Jim, u r too smooth, start it off serious and always end with that JQ style!! I love it, I hope u keep’em coming! And by the way……..
    It’s Coastline Tiiiiiiiiime!!!!


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