Mark Roberts and Breeze

I am sure you have heard by now. Mark Roberts has a new band…or is new to a band whose name has been around for quite a while. Many remember a Legend, the late Dink Perry and what he brought to our industry touring with the Breeze Band, who later changed their name to The Breeze. Well Mark Roberts is the lead now and has added some great talent from bands he has played with in the past. His group features Mark Roberts- Lead Vocals; Terry Nash- Keyboards; Richard Robertson- Horn and Keyboard; JK Loftin- Guitar; Frank Mills- Bass Guitar; Tony Mallard- Drums; Gary Lowder- Horn and Vocals; Brian Durham- Sound Engineer.

You can see them this week in Raleigh. Rayz Deck Party features Mark Roberts & Breeze Thursday night May 22, 2008 at TJ’s Night Life. If you are in the area, be sure to check them out.

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