May Update

Hello Beach Music Family and Friends,

I wanted to hop on here and share this update. With summer just around the corner, there’s a lot in motion. A big thank you to everyone who regularly visits this website and my Facebook pages, even during quieter times. This platform plays a significant role in driving traffic to the bands and artists who bring beach music to life. Let’s continue to support these live bands and the venues that host them.

OD Beach Music Festival

On behalf of Jessica Worley and myself, we appreciate the  bands, the fans, the sponsors, the Surf Listeners and especially the volunteers that helped make this event another one for the record books. I have to admit, I was nervous when we booked the Spinners. This was the biggest act to date at the  festival. Everything worked out and I think it was a great event for all that attended. We will do it again next year. If you are on the Surf Text Club, you will be the first to know what we are doing. Text SURF to 877-899-2845 and watch for news and special event offers. Of course, if you have a business and want to get incredible exposure, consider sponsoring next year’s event. Contact Me if you are interested advertising or event sponsorships.

Beach Music Band List

I recently updated the Top Beach Music Band Chart last week, and it always generates a lot of feedback. The process of compiling this list is straightforward—it’s based on the activity on my website. In April 2024, the Band of Oz Schedule received the most clicks on BeachMusicOnline compared to any other band, hence their #1 position on the list. You can view the Top 20 Beach Music Bands for April 2024. I value everyone’s perspective on what constitutes a beach music band. If a band wishes to be included on my site and claims to play beach music, I defer to the band representative’s judgment.

Do you Vacation in North Myrtle Beach?

If you are looking to book a beach home or condo this year, please consider Grand Strand Vacations. Call 843-249-3433 or visit their website If you call the office, you can save some money. Tell them Bo the Webguy said give them the best price possible.

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  1. My compliments to 94.9 the surf! the music ,the entertaining DJ’s, events, etc. are fabulous. Makes my day each and every day. a song will be played even in your worst mood that will make you smile or a DJ will make a funny comment to make you laugh. Life is all about smiles and laughter and this station does that!! I hope I can get 94.9 when i am in heaven!! we will be rocking!!


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