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Beach Music Online started as a simple links directory to keep up with all the links pages I thought I was going to be creating for beach music bands. After just a few sites, the site started to evolve into more than just links. After being up for about 7 years now…the site is still a main place that people come to look for the bands and events going on in the beach music world.

My links have changed many times…and just in the last 2 days…they changed again.

Check out the new beach music links site.

Attention: Band and Artists (and their fans if you want to help)

If you had your schedule link (in the category) on the site before but it is not there now, please send me a note through one of my contact forms. If you play beach music and have a schedule on your website, I want to make sure it is represented there. It was not intentionally removed. I think I got everything that was there before.

If you were linked from the Bands Page or other categories (not the schedule links) and are not there…its because I have not had time to check everything. I have some conditions on those links…Just ask me if you are unsure. Please send me the links that you feel are missing from that list.

For the other categories..I am slowly trying to get everything back in. I could probably use some help on this.

There are some other cool features of the new links sure to check out my new Beach Music Search Feature

There are a lot of advantages to supporting Bo the Webguy and Beach Music Online. Just ask Keith Houston, TG Rich, Jim Quick, or Ray Hall. Get help from Bo the Webguy.

4 thoughts on “New Beach Music Directory”

  1. Need to know two things…are there ever any “beach music” events in Atlanta (I’m formerly from NMB and used to work at Fat Jack’s, OD Pub, Galleon and frequented Ducks Unlimited and Harold’s!!!) and where can I find lyrics for the Band Of Oz- Whatcha Gonna Do….Please help, I appreciated anything that you could do….

  2. Hi,
    I did a search and when I saw your site thought this may be a good place place for assistance.
    I’m Nicky Harris…had a couple of songs on the beach charts, the best known being “COLLARD GREENS”. A good friend of mine, Lance Wing from Nashville, co-wrote and recorded a couple of songs on the compilation disc CAROLINA SHAG, put out from Judy’s House Of Oldies. (One titled SHAG TIME and the other being BE MY LADY) There appears to be one problem I’m receiving e-mails about. Apparently they spelled my name incorrectly on the CD. The songs are listed as LANCE WING & NICKI HARRIS instead of NICKY, the correct spelling. Anyway, it seems to be confusing some people so I was hoping to get the word out. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks for your help.
    Nicky Harris


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