North Myrtle Beach Life

I moved to North Myrtle Beach three years ago from Atlanta, GA. I made a lot of friends in Atlanta and had some good times there, but the miles and time spent coming to NMB was always worth it. Prior to Atlanta, the Raleigh area was my home. Raleigh has its beach music fans and events, but North Myrtle Beach is the home of beach music in my opinion. Yes it’s big all over the Carolinas, but fans and friends of beach music always seem to make it to this little place on the map for the biggest events every year. I am glad I live here and love my North Myrtle Beach Life!

Are you a member of the Society of Stranders? 3 of the biggest events of the year in NMB are connected to SOS. Fall Migration is coming up next with Midwinter and Spring Safari following. Fall Migration is a 10 day event with shaggers and beach music lovers filling up the clubs to dance with the DJs and be entertained by the band events. Of course if you are a beach music fan you know about SOS. Have you seen my pages about SOS?

North Myrtle Beach

What about you? Do you live in North Myrtle Beach or are you like most beach music fans and just try to get here as often as you can? I ask that you visit my new Explore NMB site. Its a new project I am working on and would love some feedback. I know there are a lot of sites that promote North Myrtle Beach, this site was created to help promote NMB as well. It also supports several businesses and companies that have helped support my website marketing business.

Need a place to Stay in North Myrtle Beach?

If you have been following any of my email updates or my posts on facebook, you know how much I promote Grand Strand Vacations. Its kind of close to me. I spend quite a bit of time there if you haven’t figured that out yet! GSV has some of the best vacation rentals at the beach. Bring your family and rent one of the big ocean front homes or reserve a condo. I think Cherry Grove offers some of the best places, Grand Strand has homes and condos in all 4 of the sections; Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Windy Hill and Crescent Beach. Looking to walk to Main Street in OD? Ask about their condos in Ocean Keyes and The Ashworth. Call them today at 800-722-6278 and plan your stay in North Myrtle Beach.

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