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If you purchased your tickets online for one of the events I have been promoting… THANK YOU!. Online tickets sales help support this website in a lot of ways and I deeply appreciate the support from both you the ticket purchasers and the event promoters that work with me handle their online marketing websites for their events.

The actual tickets (depending on the event) could have been purchased from Southern Soul Network, Fat Harold’s or Umbrella Events.

I think most of the people that are buying tickets from me have purchased them in the past and know the will call system, but I understand there may be quite a few out there that have purchased tickets online for the Very First time on one of the websites I host and manage. In the case that you have questions.. I am going to try and handle them on this page. If you still have questions, please use the reply form and ask it here. That way I can answer it for anyone else that may have the same question.

Did you get a Confirmation of Payment?

On almost every event I work with, I will find a few people that think they paid, but did not actually complete the payment with their credit card at paypal account. If this is the case, you have not confirmed your tickets. Make sure you got a paypal receipt confirming that your credit card or paypal account ( if you have one) was charged. I have corresponded with several that were having problems and think we got this resolved.

Spanish Galleon Beach Club – OD Resort

Coastline – Band of Oz – The Entertainers – Fantastic Shakers
Online tickets will be held at the Southern Soul – KHP Music Will Call Table. This table may be in the lobby of the Spanish Galleon or the OD Resort Lobby or possibly in the lobby area between the OD Beach Club and the Galleon. It depends on the time that you are trying to pick them up. They will not be available until the 28th of December. If you are there and can’t find us, then ask at the desk of the OD Resort where we might be.. they should be in the know.
you can still order tickets by clicking here

Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Steve Owens and Summertie – Craig Woolard Band – Jim Quick & Coastline – DJ Party – Blackwater Rhythm & Blues Band
Online Ticket Purchases are handled by the staff at Fat Harold’s – Inquire at the office during business hours. If you get there during the event and have not picked up your tickets, you should be able to get them at the door in your name.
you can still order tickets by clicking here

Coastline New Year

Jim Quick & Coastline – DJ Joey Warren
Your online tickets were purchased directly from Umbrella Events for the Wilmington New Year celebration with Jim Quick & Coastline – You should be able to pick up your tickets at the event if you have not received them already.
you can still order tickets by clicking here

More Questions?

If there are questions that have not been answered above, please use the reply form below and I will try to get them answered ASAP.

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