Only in the Beach Music World

I got an email from someone in the UK asking about … TAKE A GUESS!

I always laugh at the misunderstanding caused by people unfamiliar with our state dance.

It got me thinking. There are a lot of sayings and actions that are probably lost in translation to those not from the beach music world.

Here are some things you might say or do in beach music that would not be acceptable outside the Beach Music World. Of course anything with the name of the dance works…..

Only in the Beach Music World will you…

  • Ask a stranger if she wants to SHAG?
  • Pay someone to teach you the Duck Walk
  • Do the Belly Roll multiple times with multiple partners on the ┬ásame night
  • Refer to a Legend as the “Fat Man” or “Fat Daddy” and not offend anyone in the room
  • Shag with your best friend’s wife

It’s SOS Midwinter time again. You will probably see a lot of these actions above this weekend in North Myrtle Beach!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know!

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