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The long awaited and anticipated self-titled debut CD from these nocturnal swamp dwellers has finally been emancipated and available on KHP Music. Of the ten songs on this CD, nine are originals. “Mama’s Drinkin’ Liquor Again” starts this thing off with some top-shelf guitar work, get down drums and rock gut vocals. This one has received a lot of pre-release publicity and was one of the hottest songs of this Spring SOS.

With a touch of rockabilly and a splash of swing “Ain’t Got No Sense” comes next. “Payin’ The Price” is a shag-worthy tune that should get some attention. The upbeat “Was She Now” follows then we hear “Up To No Good”, another one that the dancers should like. “Doin’ What We Did Again” is the down and gritty equivalent to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”. Tyrone teams up with Angel Rissoff on “Like To See My Baby”, one that has already proven to be a crown pleaser. A song fitting for a routine at a gentlemen’s club, complete with some sultry bluesy guitar and drum beats in the right places, “Queen O’ Clubs” is next. I can see the smoke and flashing lights as I type. The last two years, they have had a song on Christmas CD’s, “Captain Creedmore’s Cajun Crawfish Christmas” and “What You Done Got For Me”. These two songs are included, so now you have all of King Tyrone and The Graveyard Ramblers’ songs on one CD. So take your bags of aluminum cans to the recycling center, get your money and add this CD to your collection.

By the way…Delbert, Watch Out!

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  1. I agree with Butch. Great CD from Jim Quick’s alter ego. I’m especially taken with “Was She Now,” brings to mind a Van Morrison/Georgie Fame piece. And “Payin’ the Price” is already receiving some national attention. Jim’s songwriting skills are not going unnoticed.


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