Review – Let My Peoples Dance

From the State of Alabama come Rev. Bubba D Liverance & The Cornhole Prophets with this collection of original tunes than range from reverence to irreverence. First up is the title track, a horn laden tune that the dancers can shag to, but is really suited for a good Tush Push line dance. The radio friendly “That’s What You Do” comes up next followed by the upbeat jump tune “My Baby’s A Seafood Platter”. No reason for the radio DJ’s who may want to spin this one to fret, as there is also a radio edit of this fast stepper included on the CD. The rocking “Ain’t No American Idol” is next, followed by “Didn’t We Love”, a slow one with some great guitar work and harmonies. If I had to pick some favorites one here, one would be “Mo Better”. With an organ intro that takes us to church, Gospel Choir background vocals and a camp meeting piano, ”Pearly Gates” reminds us that we do not want to be late for that important date. The hard driving “The Jody Grind” is next, followed by the original, unedited version of “If You Can’t Shag” that should find favor with quite a few fans. He does have a version that may be more “culturally sensitive”, but Rev. Bubba prefers this one. “I’m Fixin’ To” is another favorite of mine with some great horns and keyboards. With a touch of country, we kick back at “Happy Hour”, and then settle down with “Let The Eagle Fly”.

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