9 thoughts on “Sam and Lisa West – Kayak Shag Commercial”

  1. When I first saw this commercial I just started tapping my foot. See my husband and a group from Cedar Grove Always went to SOS and saw some of the Best Shaggers in the world .Had One”Grand Time.” each year.

    But we haven’t been in several years and seeing that commercial wanted me to head “South” to
    North Myrtle Beach for Spring Safari.You Never get too old to Shag.I’m not near as good as that
    couple but just being there and all that good music,good dancing and People.People from “Everywhere..!!!!!!And alot of good Southern food also.

    Oh can’t wait until Spring…

    Myra Wade
    Cedar Grove,NC

  2. How cool is that commercial???? What is the name of the background music in the flick, is it something new or is it just studio music? Barney


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