SOS is Calling Me

SOS is Calling Me…. that would be a good name for a song …Oh Wait. Its been done. Tommy Black wrote and recorded “SOS is Callin’ Me”
Great Song! I wonder how many times that song has come to mind and been requested these past couple of weeks.

Well for many of you out there, SOS is probably calling you too. This weekend many will make the trek to North Myrtle Beach. I will be heading that way on Friday. Looking forward to a great week. Its been a while since I have been to NMB. I am stoked about spending time with some of my best friends in Beach Music. It starts for me at 2001 with Jim Quick & Coastline on Friday Night.

Make sure you plan to attend the KHP Music/Ripete Pre-Release Party on Thursday at Dynomite’s and The SOS Showcase at Duck’s on Friday.

I am not going to try and mention everything, I am sure I will miss someone or something. So many great shows with all the bands as well as a lot of fun at all the clubs with the DJs. Delbert McClinton at Fun Monday….WOW!

Hope to see you there! Are you going to be at SOS?
Leave a comment, tell me where to see you down at SOS.

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