SOS is HERE Again NMB!


It is time again for SOS Fall Migration! Main Street in North Myrtle Beach will be popping for the next 10-11 days. The party started last night at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. I am a band fan.. so the events featuring the bands is where you will catch me when I am down at OD this weekend and next week.

Where is the Band of Oz Playing?

Sep 12 – 8 pm – Spanish Galleon
Sep 17 – 8 pm – Spanish Galleon

Where is Jim Quick & Coastline Playing

Sep 12 – 1 pm – Fat Harold’s
Sep 14 – 2 pm – Deckerz
Sep 15 – 8 pm – Spanish Galleon
Sep 17 – 1 pm – Fat Harold’s
Sep 18 – 8 pm – Spanish Galleon
Sep 19 – 3 pm – HOTO’s
Sep 20 – 12 pm – Shoe Center

Where is The Carolina Breakers Playing?

Sep 12 – 6 pm – Doc Holiday’s Marina and Grill

Where are the Fantastic Shakers Playing?

Sep 12 – 8 pm – Spanish Galleon
Sep 14 – 1 pm – Fun Sunday – Horseshoe
Sep 19 – 8 pm – Spanish Galleon

Where is Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band Playing?

Sep 14 – 5 pm – Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Midnight Allie

Midnight AllieAllie Privette has put together one incredible group of talent as the newest band coming on to the scene, Midnight Allie. The band is not scheduled to play anywhere this SOS, but look for them next year. I am sure they will be on the schedule. You will probably catch Allie hanging out at the Spanish Galleon this SOS. I am sure she will get a chance to get up on stage with many of the featured acts this week and sing a song or two. Get Tickets for the Debut on October 3rd

SOS – OD Club Schedules

Check out the club flyers from all the clubs by clicking over to Shag City USA

Band and Artist Schedules

In case you missed my announcement on facebook last week, here it is again. I have cleaned up the Beach Music Schedule page quite a bit. There were several links to bands that did not exist anymore. Either the band is no longer playing, or they did not renew their domain. I took those off. I added a few new ones that had recently put in a request to be added. If your favorite is missing. contact me with a link to their website schedule and I will get them added as soon as I get a chance.

Regenerating PBS Wristband

You have heard the commercials on 94.9 The Surf and The Crossover with Jim Quick – These things really do help you. Get one while you are in North Myrtle Beach during SOS or purchase online right now. Click on the image of me and Marty to learn more and get free shipping.


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