Sunday Benefit for Big John Thompson

Sunday March 2nd in Greensboro at Thirsty’s 2 was quite an event. The turnout was awesome. The Bands were great and the party was full on! It was great to see everyone show up to support a TRUE legend in our industry. Seeing Big John sing “Over the Rainbow” with the Band of Oz was incredible.

I know the money raised on Sunday is greatly appreciated by Big John.

Special thanks to Rickie Lipscomb for taking photographs
Click to See the pictures from Sunday

1 thought on “Sunday Benefit for Big John Thompson”

  1. I want my body donated to the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. I want a small memorial service, one on the beach at Atlantic Beach, NC, “yankees” circle, “Joyce’s, Rick& Marie,, and Conrad Cannon. I want, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, sung by Big JT, and Willie Nelson, “Amazing Grace”…..that’s it!!!! Forever, Kay


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