Thank you Clubs in Ocean Drive


I had 2 people come up to me last night and thank me for this website.. I thank you the reader for checking out my posts, featured events, beach music news and updates. I have some other thank you’s to extend.

Beach Clubs and Lounges

I wanted to throw this out there and say Thank You to the clubs and lounges on Main Street and Ocean Drive. Thanks for providing a place to dance, see and hear the bands, listen to the tunes of the DJs and enjoy being with friends that love beach music and the Shag Dance. There is a lot of talk about who keeps this thing we call beach music and the shag going… I think we are very lucky to have so many places right here in North Myrtle Beach that provide what our beach music lifestyle desires.

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Do you like the bands?


The Beach Music world seems to always get split among the shag dancers and the band followers. I know some of the fans tend to fall in both categories. and I can understand the ones that like to dance. There are times the bands don’t always play music that you can shag too. For me, I really like going to see the bands. I, like most of you, have my favorites.

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