Counting the Days to SOS

Ready for SOS One week from tomorrow, April 17th, is the Official Start of SOS Spring Safari 2015. You know North Myrtle Beach starts heating up midweek. Jimmy Buffkin will start it up Wednesday night at the Jumpstart Party at Fat Harold’s – FREE HOTDOGS! Come in early and get that party started! Fat Harold’s … Read more

First Beach Music Show?


My First Experience

I am pretty sure the first beach music artist I saw live in person was the Band of Oz in Raleigh. I seem to remember seeing them at a corporate function that I was working at when I was in college. At the time, I don’t think I knew it was beach music, but learned the term Beach Music a few years later and got hooked.. on the music, the fun and the bands. I think I became a Coastline Crazy before Jim Quick started using the term and look back to the many Coastline Band shows I have attended over the years. I have had a great time with all the bands and the events I have been involved. Check out my featured artists and events

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Did you show support?

Did you see a band perform anywhere this past week? Who did you see? Where did you see them? There has been so much talk about beach music artists lately on the big social media network and of course the beaches, bars, clubs and venues. All the performers have their fans. They go to be … Read more

Do you like the bands?


The Beach Music world seems to always get split among the shag dancers and the band followers. I know some of the fans tend to fall in both categories. and I can understand the ones that like to dance. There are times the bands don’t always play music that you can shag too. For me, I really like going to see the bands. I, like most of you, have my favorites.

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