Counting the Days to SOS


Ready for SOS

One week from tomorrow, April 17th, is the Official Start of SOS Spring Safari 2015. You know North Myrtle Beach starts heating up midweek. Jimmy Buffkin will start it up Wednesday night at the Jumpstart Party at Fat Harold’s – FREE HOTDOGS! Come in early and get that party started! Fat Harold’s has an incredible line-up of bands, parties and DJs. Check it out!

Click to Fat Harold’s SOS Schedule

Band Fans will WANT TO BE at the Spanish Galleon

A lot of shaggers that come in to SOS want to dance to the DJs picks and that is fine. Many people like to come to SOS for the beach music bands. The Galleon has the hottest Beach Music Bands each night during Spring Safari. You really need to see their line-up!

Click to Spanish Galleon Band at SOS

Beach Music Online Featured Bands

I have the pleasure of working with some of the top bands in beach music. Be sure to catch these guys (and Gal) at SOS and other locations near you! Thanks for supporting these bands and THANK YOU Bands for supporting Beach Music Online!

Click on the Artist Name below to see their schedule.

Band of Oz – 2 Shows at the Galleon during SOS
Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band – New Song Release – They Play 2001 this Saturday and Ducks during SOS
Carolina Breakers – 2 Shows during SOS – See schedule for Fat Harolds and Deckerz Dates
Jim Quick & Coastline – If you miss a Coastline show during SOS, then you probably weren’t here…..Several chances to see Coastline and King Tyrone. Check schedule for shows at HOTOs, Harolds, Galleon, Deckerz, and the Shoe Center!
Midnight Allie – Allie Privette has it going on y’all – Her Band is SUPER TALENTED – go see Midnight Allie at Ducks and Deckerz!


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