Counting the Days to SOS

Ready for SOS One week from tomorrow, April 17th, is the Official Start of SOS Spring Safari 2015. You know North Myrtle Beach starts heating up midweek. Jimmy Buffkin will start it up Wednesday night at the Jumpstart Party at Fat Harold’s – FREE HOTDOGS! Come in early and get that party started! Fat Harold’s … Read more

Party in NMB – The Place to BE!

IT BE TIME for another party in North Myrtle Beach. The Adults are coming to NMB for Spring Break 2014. That’s right! Another Spring Safari hosted by SOS. Click here to see the sos events and club flyers. A lot of my friends coming to town, to hang out at Fat Harold’s, The Spanish Galleon, Pirate’s Cove, Ducks, The OD Arcade. I have a bunch of friends that will be at OD Pavilion and Swillie’s Hideaway too! Have fun out there and be safe.

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