2 Word Band Names

I know a lot of parties were held over the weekend. I guess people don’t want to go out on a school night. Well, if you are out and about tonight, be safe and eat a lot of candy or drink a lot of candy. Happy Halloween!

Today, It is Twosday on The Surf with Mike Worley – The Edge Radio Show is on from 11 to 3PM and I know he is playing a lot of double shots. Tune in and listen to 949thesurf.com or 94.9 FM in the Grand Strand Area.

Here at BeachMusicOnline.com it is 2sday! We had a lot of great 2 word title songs last week. Today, let’s go with 2 word band names. “The” Counts as a word or it can be left out to qualify a band if needed. Band names from the past may be included. If they have recorded anything played on a beach music show or radio station, it counts. Let’s build another list!

2 Word Beach Band Names

Coastline Band
The Castaways
The Catalinas
Fantastic Shakers
The Embers
Holiday Band
The Entertainers
The Tams
Carolina Breakers
Hip Pocket
Sea Cruz
Summerdaze Band
The Tonez
Midnight Allie
Silk Groove
The Commodores
The Drifters
The Temptations
The Coasters
The Platters
The Intruders
The Spinners
Smokin’ Hot
Breeze Band
Second Nature

6 thoughts on “2 Word Band Names”

  1. Love Committee
    Hot Chocolate
    North Tower
    Mills Brothers
    Isley Brothers
    Cornelius Brothers
    Swinging Medallions
    Wild Cherry
    Spiral Staircase
    Bee Gees
    Poor Souls
    Wee Jams
    Five Keys
    Five Royals


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