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Okay, I have rebuilt an engine to handle the links and trying to get the links added as fast as possible. It takes time.

I have some people helping, but welcome anyone else that would like to assist.

Here is the new links in progress
The new Beach Music LinksBands and Artists – If You play Beach Music….you can get a link from my Schedules Category. Just submit your events page. Sorry, you must have a calendar page dedicated to your schedule on your website to get your link approved. Please try to keep it updated. If you are doing frames or have complete flash website that does not provide easy access to your events schedule, I can not put you in this category. Poeple love one click access to your calendar from my page.

Bands, DJs, Clubs – You can submit your links, I ask you that you link to my website before you submit your link to mine.

Shag Clubs and Instructors – Please link to my website before submitting a link here.

Festivals and Events – I have worked with a lot of promoters to help market their events the last 4 years. This is one of the places I help promote them. Need exposure here? Contact me with this form

Webguy Support – Please do not submit links here unless you are interested in becoming a Webguy supporter. I can’t promote everything and everyone. I take care of the folks that take care of me. I hope you understand.

Of course all links are subject to my approval and can be edited or removed at any time. If you choose to not link to my site, understand I may or may not approve your link request on mine. Thank you for your understanding!

-Bo the Webguy

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