The Triangle is the place to be this weekend.

If you are looking for Beach Music in the Triangle, this weekend is it! I am planning to make the trip north from Hotlanta. I have a lot of poeple I want to see, places I want to go, bands I want to hear, and drinks…well.

If I can get to town soon enough, I will be at TJ’s Night Life on Thursday Night, North Tower is in Raleigh for Rayz Deck Party.

Friday…choices! choices! The Sandbar Beach Club is having their grand opening weekend with Rickey Godfrey…on Friday and Saturday Night. You will probably catch me there at some point. Rickey is one of the best vocalist in the industry. These will be some great shows! Lots of cool stuff on Saturday. I see Gary Brown is in the house Friday Night and my buddy Joey Warren will be spinning the tunes Saturday Night. Don’t miss out on your chance to win stuff. Doors open at 5:00 on Saturday.

Course one of my best friends will be in Raleigh Friday Night as well. Jim Quick will be at City Limits. I can’t make a trip to NC and miss a show if Jim is playing. Most of you who know me know I will be partying with Coastline if there is a chance.

Sunday Sunday Sunday….The FIRST SHAG BLAST… of many to come is at TJ’s Night Life…so its back to TJ’s for me. Sea Cruz, The Holiday Band, The Embers and The Band of Oz. Keith Houston, the first round is on you..haha!

Well…got to get some work done. Hope to see you this weekend somewhere.

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