Weekend in Raleigh was a blast

What a weekend I had in Raleigh! Took me a little bit to get this post up. I kind of got behind in work and needed to catch up. Rayz Deck Party had probably the largest crowd they have ever had at TJ’s Night Life on a Thursday Night when Jim Quick and Coastline made their appearance after being away for a while. Jim put on a show that entertained the masses…they were still there wondering what he was going to do next well after 11:00. The Coastline Crazies and Ray all but demanded an encore. Most were not ready to go home yet.

Sunday I went to the Summer Shag Blast…not as hot as the first one last year, but you still knew it was an afternoon in the summer. No worries. I think everyone had a blast at the Shag Blast. Band of Oz as always put on a great show. After BOZ, the Legends of Beach did a great job with many of the old songs they played during their days with The Embers..some new songs as well.  The day was closed out by THE BO of Beach Music. Bo Schronce and the rest of the Fantastic Shakers were shakin the Shack at TJ’s. The  Shakers are always one of the best. Sunday was great!  It was great to get back in Raleigh. I was missing it the minute I got back in the car to head back to the ATL.

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