What is Will Call?

For the last 7+ years, I have been selling tickets online for various events. Sometimes we mail the tickets to your address, but in most cases we end up selling advance tickets to be picked up at Will Call. I will always get questions about will call. This year, I am getting it more than ever. I am surprised at how many people have never been exposed to that term. You can read the definition of will call as shown on wikipedia. Basically Will Call means they will be held at the gate or close to the door somewhere to pick up. Look for signs that say Will Call. In the next 2 weeks, I will sell a lot of tickets to the Triangle Beach Music Festival. Since snail mail seems to be a little unreliable inside the week to two-week time-frame, we choose to hold tickets ordered during those times at the gate. Its still a savings off the gate price and should be a shorter line than the main ticket link on Saturday Morning. This year the event may sell out..if you have tickets ordered in advance, you will get in the gate.. There is probably going to be a point during the day that the gates are closed to new ticket sales. Don’t be that person! Get your tickets in advance!

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