2008 Industry Award Nominees – CBMA

Here are the nominees for this year’s Industry awards. Also see the 2008 People’s Choice Awards


Keith Houston & Julian B Fowler Coast To Coast (Let’s Dance) (CD) Various Artists
Marion Carter, Keith Houston, Julian B Fowler Forever Summer II (CD) Various Artists
Keith Houston It’s You Fabulous Hot Dog Daddy-O’s
Keith Houston (Why Am I Crying Rhonda McDaniel
Keith Houston & Julian B Fowler This Is It (CD) Various Artists

Keith Houston Coast To Coast (Let’s Dance) (CD) Various Artists
Jeremy “Big Jerm” Thomas Nothing To Lose (CD) Magnificents
Keith Houston Forever Summer 2 (CD) Various Artists
Keith Houston Rhonda McDaniel (CD) Rhonda McDaniel
Keith Houston This Is It (CD) Various Artists

Collaboration or Duo
“Memories And Souvenirs” Donny & Susan Trexler withMark Black
“Stop, Look And Listen To Your Heart” Rickey Godfrey & Rhonda McDaniel
“Like To SeeMy Baby” Angel Rissoff & King Tyrone
“The Boys Are Back In Town” Young Guns
“Over At Mary’s Place” Cliff Ellis And Oscar Toney Jr.

Song Writer(s)
Kim Todd Baby’s There’s Something Magnificents
Mike Taylor And Duane Neese Got It Bad For You Holiday Band
Jim Quick Mama’s Drinking Liquor Again King Tyrone/Graveyard Ramblers
Duane Neese Motor Under The Hood Holiday Band
Tommy Black Shadow Shaggin’ Tommy Black/Blooz

Michael Branch Award
Julian B. Fowler Ripete/KHP
David Hicks Different Drummer
Keith Houston KHPMusic
Willie C (Bill Swanke) BeachMusic Cafe
Mike Perkinson Behind The Music

Mark Black (Sax) Legends Of Beach
Glen Tippett (Various) Jim Quick & Coastline
Dino Fair (Keyboards) Sea Cruz
Jimmy Matherly (Bass) Magnificents
Donny Trexler (Guitar) Donny Trexler/Susan Trexler

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  1. Hey Bo!

    It was great to see you at CBMA weekend. We had a great time and can’t wait until next year. Went to the website for the Cancun trip, when will be prices and reservations start? Got to start saving up now!

  2. Ed, You had to be a member of the CBMA on September 15th. All members that had paid their dues as of Sept 15th should be receiving their official ballots in the mail this week.

    Join the CBMA so you can vote next year!


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