2sday on Beach Music Radio

Are you listening to beach music radio today? I have been since I got in the car this morning on the way to the office on Sea Mountain Highway. Jim Morgan was playing some songs on 94.9 The Surf that I don’t think I have ever heard before today. Good tunes. There are a lot of great shows and djs playing beach music on the radio today. Of course, many are on the Internet and due to your location, the web may be the only way you can listen to beach music during the week.

2sday Question of the Week

If you listen to beach music radio today, what songs would you be SURPRISED NOT TO HEAR on your favorite radio stations. I know speaking for myself, I would be shocked not to hear Mike Worley playing “Friends” by the Breeze Band at the end of his show on the surf. Being that is is Tuesday, I expect to hear “Everything’s Tuesday” by Chairmen of the Board at least once today. How about you?

Name 2 songs

So please type in the comments below or on facebook, the 2 songs that you know will be played today on your favorite beach music radio station.

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