94.9 The Surf is back on the Air

The Surf was down for a bit – but went back up in April 2011 in time for SOS Spring Safari

In case you have missed the news. Its back!! 94.9 The Surf came back last week during SOS. The format is Carolina Beach Music.

Visit www.949thesurf.com

Edited: July 2013
Monday – Friday Stevie B from 6-10am. Ted Bell 10-3pm Jason Justice from 3-7pm
Saturday. 10-12 Top 20 Countdown with Ted Bell 12-3pm On The Beach with Charlie Brown
Saturday it’s Matt Clark “Worldwide Saturday Night” from 6-10pm and Sunday it’s “the Rhythm And Blues Show” with. Randall Hight from 3-7pm…

Looking for more Beach Music on the Internet? Click HERE to listen to Beach Music Radio


10 thoughts on “94.9 The Surf is back on the Air”

  1. Stopped in the see Ted Bell last wed. he was by himself, talked to him a few minutes, asking him about some shirts, he told me the guy that had the shirts just let, wondering if I could purchase some. Any help would greatly be appreciated, so glad you guys are back on the radio.

  2. GREAT!! I wondered what happened to Ted on WNMB..I listen almost everyday at work here in NC.. This past Friday evening while driving into Myrtle Beach I turned on the radio to 94.9 and THE SURF WAS BACK!! Woo Hoo!!! THANKS to the new owners, you brought back an old friend!!

  3. This is terrific news. I hope that the “new” 94.9 The Surf brings back the live, remote broadcasts. Those were so much fun, and a great way to keep connected with the beach music and shag events in North Myrtle Beach.

  4. My wife and I now spend the winters in Myrtle Beach. When the surf went off the air in January we were so disappointed, the music made our winters. Thank you to the new owners for not letting Beach Music die!

  5. I was in N. Myrtle Beach when the announcement was made during Spring SOS. My work day just isn’t the same without Ted and the requests. I’m looking forward to April l9th ….and that voice!!!!

  6. Great to hear the beach music guys back on the air! It just wasn’t the same with you gone! Long live 94.9 and Beach Music.


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