Beach Music News for January

Hello Beach Music Friends,

I hope you had a Great Christmas and NYE Celebration wherever you were able to celebrate. 2023 is HERE and things will be moving fast in the beach music world.

BOZ News

I am sure you have heard by now, the Legendary Band of Oz  has made a few changes to the group that you will see on stage in 2023. We will greatly miss David Franks and Dustin Ahkuoi. Both Tim Clark and Doug Winstead have announced publicly they are joining the Band of Oz this month. The Band of Oz has also added Donnie Dover to play the keyboard. BOZ will continue to put on one of the greatest shows in Beach Music this year 2023 and beyond!

94.9 the Surf Update

Starting this week The Surf  brings back the All Request Beach Music Cafe that was a feature for years when Ted Bell was on the air. Plan to get your request in for the Noon Hour Monday to Friday for Ted Bell’s All Request Beach Music Cafe. Use the facebook page, app or call in via phone.

SOS Midwinter Break 2023

Look for news and events on the calendar page at Beach Music Online

Top Band Rankings

The Top 20 List based on BMO Website traffic has been updated for December – click to see the Top Beach Music Bands

top beach music bands

Festivals and More

Keep checking the events page here at beach music online. Make sure you are on the Surf Text Club so you will not miss important news about upcoming events like the OD Beach Music Festival in May.





2 thoughts on “Beach Music News for January”

  1. I’m so glad that I found this radio station years ago when Ted Bell was the early show, then Mike Worley did the 11-3 show. Jason was the afternoon DiscJockey from 3-7 presenting some good stuff like all these boys do. I don’t remember who was after Jason but it don’t matter for me I’ve been a loyal listerner for at least seven years. With this station can’t be bad for it has so much energy in the music. It just picks you up just like taking a vitamin. Keep it up.
    That’s something I don’t regret doing when I was single was I pursued a career in radio but never did anything with it but you’d think I was still a DJ for I’m chiming in on the DJ’s still talking when introing a song. Always good listening to The Surf.

  2. Thanks for the “news letter”
    It would be appreciated if it would be possible to include new releases of music from the beach music artists (local bands or performers) and how to purchase the same.. either cd or download. I still enjoy collecting this music. There seems to be many songs that are on the saturday morning top 20 that I can’t seem to figure out to get a “hard copy” off
    Thanks for being there


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