Bid for the Kids

Jim Quick is selling a special limited edition CD for the benefit of Easter Seals

This is truly a rare release from Coastline. This is one of only two from Jim Quick’s personal collection. The jewel case is signed by the members of the band. There is the 4min 59sec track, which is heard on radio and available on some beach music compilations. There is also track two, which is a rare 6min 13sec version (available only on this release). This is a cover tune of a Choice Reunion classic not available on CD anywhere which was available for a short time on Ripete Records in 1998. There were only 500 ever printed and this is one. As per the band’s wishes, all the proceeds will go to Easter Seals/UCP of Wilmington, NC. Bid for the Kids!

Bid Here:
“It’s Summertime” on E-bay (Click Here!)

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