Book Beach Music Artists! – Pick 2 for 2sday!

There have been a lot of great artists that we claim in the beach music category/genre/industry/lifestyle. Many have passed on, leaving this world with great tunes and great memories. I know there are many I was never able to see in person, but love to listen to their songs today. Having seen a lot of great acts through the years, I still look forward to seeing the current and future beach music artists for years to come. I have something for you to ponder today and welcome all comments and feedback.

Since it is 2sday again, I am asking for 2 answers. If you were a promoter or were the purveyor of a beach music club/venue and could book any 2 beach music artists, who would book this weekend? Price and Availability are not a factor. Pick past artists or present. Drop your 2 artists names here at the beach music online website in the comments or comment on facebook.

I am going to go ahead say what I think many might say. I would love to see General Norman Johnson and Chairmen of the Board on stage with Danny Woods and Ken Knox once again. The second pick is kind of hard. I am going to say Billy Scott and the Prophets as my second pick for this 2sday question. Tell me who you would pick below.

Band Schedules and This Weekend

Of course there are a lot of great artists playing the beach music circuit this month. Always check out the beach music band schedules page for links to bands and artists websites. The Blue Crab Festival in Little River this weekend – Beach Music on Saturday and Sunday including Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot, The Embers featuring Craig Woolard, Jim Quick & Coastline. It is always a great time down at the waterfront for this event. I hope the rains hold off and the event is huge! Who will featured the best crab cakes this year?

Name 2 if you could Book Beach Music Artists

Do not consider price, availability or time. If you could book beach music artists, who would you book this weekend? Pick anyone past or present.

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  1. I would also pick Chairmain of the Board with Danny and Ken as my first pick. My second pick would be the Fantastic Shakers.


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