Monday Update for Beach Music

Hello my beach music friends. It is Monday again! I hope everyone had great weekend. I know it was hot out there on Saturday. I was fortunate to spend time with my mother as well as the Mommy of our 2 furbabies, Leo and DJ. It was a very good lunch if I do say so myself. “Great Job on the Ribs, BO!”

I know of people dread Monday, but as they say you can’t have the weekend until you get Monday thru Thursday out of the way. I hope you have a good Monday. There is a lot of stuff coming up this weekend at the beach and the rest of the Carolinas. Please support Beach music, the venues and the event promoters that book the bands. Thanks for following my posts and updates.

Top Songs of all Time

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Buy Beach Music from

There are a lot of great CDs for Sale that feature beach music. I was asked on facebook about the price of new CDs. I thank the beach music fans that continue to purchase these CDs. It would be nice to give them away, but the song writers, producers and performers need to get paid. Thanks in advance for buying these CDs and other Merchendise.


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