December is HERE

december beach update

Hello Beach Music Friends, I can’t believe December is Here already. We had a great November that ended with a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. I want to shout out to all those that came to the Turkey Ball in Clinton with Band of Oz. It was a LARGE TIME for sure! It was fun to see … Read more

What time is it?

Do you know what time it is? NO REALLY – Do you know what time it is? If you haven’t set your clock back, you may be early for anything you planned today. Coastline Crazies will always say it is Coastline Time. If you are in Virginia Beach today, you are in luck. Jim and the guys play at the Upper deck today. For me, it is a lazy Sunday – trying to get caught up on some website projects and website updates, while getting ready for the BIG weekend this week. It is a 5 Day Weekend Celebration as members (and those that should be CBMA members) come to town for another Carolina Beach Music Awards party in North Myrtle Beach. Who will win?

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May 19th – Beach Music Update

Ever hear that line “Which came first Chicken or the Egg?” I have that come up with links and and newsletters sometimes.. when I want to link everything together its sometimes hard to make it all publish at same time… so if you read this before the links get added below.Please come back and look again!

You should see a few links here after I get everything out of the inbox…

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