What time is it?

Do you know what time it is? NO REALLY – Do you know what time it is? If you haven’t set your clock back, you may be early for anything you planned today. Coastline Crazies will always say it is Coastline Time. If you are in Virginia Beach today, you are in luck. Jim and the guys play at the Upper deck today. For me, it is a lazy Sunday – trying to get caught up on some website projects and website updates, while getting ready for the BIG weekend this week. It is a 5 Day Weekend Celebration as members (and those that should be CBMA members) come to town for another Carolina Beach Music Awards party in North Myrtle Beach. Who will win?

CBMA Weekend Lineup


Beach Music Scene Magazine

bms-indieHave you heard about Beach Music Scene? Beach Music Artists should check out the new perk added to this page for Beach Music Scene. This new magazine is all about the music – The bands and DJs that have played the music and continue to play the influencing the Beach Music Industry. If you are a band that plays Beach Music – you need to contact me about this magazine! Look for news about featured bands, events and DJs in each issue.

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