Things Jim Quick Says

We are days away from the Annual Poem from Jim Quick. Every year, Jim Quick sums up the last year in Beach Music during the Saturday of CBMA at the Industry Awards Presentation. It’s a poem that you want to be mentioned in, but afraid of what he is going to say. He holds no punches and everyone loves him for it…Well most do, there has been some whispers and criticisms. We still come back and want more… The 11-Time winner of the Entertainer of the Year has a way with words….

As I think about the poems he has given, I started thinking about the many things he has said on stage….I thought I would start a list and hopefully get some feedback from you as well. Its small. I am hoping to see what you have to add.

Here are things Jim Quick has said more than once from the stage of a Jim Quick & Coastline performance. If you have some good ones from the days of the Coastline Band or simply Coastline days, feel free to add them. You may even add some King Tyrone quotes…. just keep them “Safe For Work” please.

Okay here goes….

I am sweating like…..
The Dixie Chicks at the Bush Family Reunion.

That was as weak as a Coors Light.

Welcome for the first time tonight…
The midget of funk…

I present to you the
Lord of Brunswick County… Sir Albert Rogers

What Time Is It?

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