CBMA Deadline Friday at Midnight

Have you voted yet? CBMA Members have until Midnight Friday, October 13th to get their ballot in the mail. Of course, online voting was made possible this year and many have taken advantage of that process. If you did not receive a ballot via email, it probably means we did not have your correct email on file or you somehow missed the email from the CBMA.

If you have waited until the last minute, go right now and add your checkmarks to the ballot and send it in today. If I can help you out in any way with the online ballot, please contact me through facebook or via email at the CBMA Ballot website. You can also call me at 843-280-9000 and I will get back to you as as possible.

New Chat Feature

You may notice on this site a new chat button on this website to the right side. I am testing it out for the next month or so. It may become permanent on this site and a few other sites I manage. Please help me test it by signing on as a Guest and looking for me online.

2017 CBMA Weekend Lineup

The line-up for the nightly shows has been released. See who is playing November 8th thru November 12th in Ocean Drive for this year’s CBMA Weekend.

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