Favorite Lyrics in Beach Music

I was on twitter this morning and saw a trending hashtag #MyFavoriteSongLyrics and thought about some of my favorite lines in beach music songs. I have done a couple of posts like this before on Beach Music Online. So here is another blog post posted this morning and see what the beach music world is thinking about today. I will get it started…

Give me a line from some of your favorite beach music songs and artists that does not included the title of the song.

“…It’s all chicken-fried but the peach ice cream”
“…I wanna wake up by your side and be there for you every night”
“…My Love for You is the Greatest Story Ever Told”
“…I picked your love up, then something happened. I can’t put it down”
“…Don’t ever leave me girl. How can you leave me loving you”
“…Take a chance on Love, I’m gonna do the same”
“…Where your skinhead friend passed out for several hours on the bathroom floor..”

I may add some more later.. Do you have any to add?

Favorite Lyrics in Beach Music Songs

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  1. favorite beach music lyrics.
    ” money can’t but you love but it can buy you a good time and I love that”

    Have a good weekend Bo!


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