Happy New Year – Whatcha going to do?

I had a lot of fun up and down the roads in the Carolinas this past week. Many thanks to Ray and Joni, Dan and Fonda…New Year’s at TJ’s was the best! and special thanks to the folks to everyone involved in setting up the first Southern Soul NYE Party Weekend at OD. I know this is the first of many. I had a blast.

Beach Music New Year’s Resolutions

A lot of people make new year’s resolutions…I don’t want to hear the normal ones..lose weight, get in better shape, save money…yada, yada. Do you have anything fun related to beach music? Like go to your first Triangle Beach Music Festival and join the other 12000 fans, Go on one of the many cruises this year, win a CBMA award, or something else? Let me know…If you want… post something for someone else.

I will get it started.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Whatcha going to do?”

  1. I resolve to listen to 94.9 The Surf more often on my computer and to possibly head down to Myrtle Beach to see the CBMA awards show!

  2. 1- Get all the members of Hip Pocket to agree to one therapy session a week, so we can get the group discount (and do role playing excercises).

    2- Buy a pair of sunglasses with Light Reactant Lenses that automatically become translucent when I go into Night Clubs, so instead of people thinking I’m arrogant…… they’ll think I’m intelligent (I said Think).

    3- Sing more country songs to justify wearing cowboy boots with my baithing-suit in the Summer.

    4- Get Bobby Tomlinson to admit he has a problem.

    5- Start leaving my house an hour earlier so I will only be 15 minutes late to the gigs.

    6- Seek professional medical help to cure my love for livestock (mainly goats).

    7- Convince the music world that we need to start playing Divorce Parties, as well as Marriages.

    8- Same as Jim Quick’s #2, except target all the BoJangles.

    9- Produce a movie starring Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Jack Nicholson, and Brian Crews….(The four best actors in the world).

    10- Keep love in my heart, a smile on my face, and be the best person I can be. 🙂

  3. 1-I hope to get a Mama’s Drinkin Liquor tank top to keep(Joey and I sold ours) so someday we can dance at Bo’s wedding!!

    2-Hope to see Band of Oz complete their new CD.

    3-Give Brian Crews the tip money back he left for me and April at Papa’s last weekend.

    4-Give Brian Crews the pizza money I shafted him on at the ‘Big John” benefit several years ago.

    5-Learn to go to bed after a long night of partying.

    6-Watch more Law and Order SVU marathons with April.

    7-Convince the N.C. Legislature to over turn the smoking ban in bars(I don’t go to many restaurants)

    8-Convince the S.C Legislature not to ban smoking in bars(I don’t got to restaurants there either)

    9-Get April, Heather and Brittany a protein treatment so their hair never looks like some I’ve seen at the beach.

    10-April, April!! Need I say more!

  4. More involoved with CBMA and increase program ad sales for 2010, promoting beach music. See more of BOZ, Coastline and The Entertainers in 2010. Start the Bucket List, which is rather long, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE & STAY CANCER FREE,

  5. 1. I would love to have a new CD by the end of the year! It’s gonna take a miracle(LOL)!

    2. To find local musicians willing to travel and play all my music!

    3. To find good paying gigs that allow me to travel(Ha-Ha)! Ok, two out of three a’int bad!!!

  6. Jim’s Top Ten Resolutions for 2010

    1- Try to watch all Nostradamus dramatized Armageddon “prediction shows” I can on the Discovery and History Channels (2012, here we come!)

    2- See how many “King Tyrone” stickers I can put on all the different McDonald’s drive-thru speakers in North and South Carolina

    3- Find time to give Thurston Reeder, from Thirsty’s 2, speech therapy classes

    4- Learn to smile at people I am shagging with that have no business shagging

    5- Get better at Wii

    6- Try not to lie to my band anymore and tell them, “It’s gonna be alright”… It’s never gonna be completely OK (welcome to my world)

    7- Pull out all my Star Wars toys from the Eighties, play with them for about a week, then E-bay the hell out of ’em

    8- Learn to bake the best “lemon-squares” known to mankind… ever!

    9- Convince Keith Houston and David Hicks that they should give me all the profits from The Band of Oz for one solid year

    10- Learn to sing (my knees are killing me)


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